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Tegallalang Handicraft Centre in Bali

Tegallalang handicraft center is famous for arts and crafts, located in the district of the same name just several kilometers north of the main Ubud hub. The Jalan Raya Tegallalang main road traverses 10.5 km through this Bali heartland, and halfway you will find the famous scenic stopover on most day excursions to the northern parts of the island such as Kintamani via Ubud. Although agriculture still remains the primary source of living among locals, the area and surrounding villages also produce a large variety of curios.

Tegallalang handicraft center owes to the various cottage industries found here, which deal with the manufacture and worldwide exports of an assortment of handicrafts and furniture items. It is not an overstatement to say that perhaps the Tegallalang route may also have the longest row of art shops in the world, making a drive along the main route a colorful one indeed.

A half-hour's drive north from the Ubud intersection at the eastern end of Jalan Raya Ubud brings you to a much cooler and elevated region in the island’s heartland. The dramatic view of its rice terraces also provides a cool and breezy spot for visitors to stop and take photos. Many artists also bring their canvases here to paint.

Apart from the rows of art shops along the Tegallalang handicraft center, the namesake rice terraces are famous for their splendid landscapes. Amazing rice paddies overlook hills and streams and are explored through pedaling or trekking to Tegallalang as well as other villages around Ubud such as Pejeng and Campuhan.

At the viewpoint, located on the eastern roadside, the wide green vista spreads down before you and away to the valley and rice terraces on the opposite side. Afternoons are even more dramatic for photographers wishing to capture the scenery.

The art shops lining the route of the Tegallalang handicraft centre feature an assortment of colorful and unique items of different shapes and sizes, from interior ornaments, furniture, typical Balinese curios and many others. Several shops specialising in accessories present a variety of jewellery ranging from rings, bracelets, necklaces, bandanas, which are made from a mixture of materials such as mother of pearl, shells, wood, stone as well as beads and resin.

For those interested in accessories, prices vary greatly. The trip to Tegallalang is truly a treat for the eyes, with the many choices of handicrafts and colorful items on display, including paintings. Some shops feature fixed prices... nevertheless, bargaining remains a must.

Good to Know about Tegallalang Handicraft Center

The farmer who owns the land sells young coconut drinks and woven hats made from coconut leaves. It is also common sight to see him posing on the grassy ledge then approaching photographers for a small fee. Souvenir peddlers also follow suit, but simply enjoy the view if no item interests you. Besides, the whole roadside shops within the handicraft center are full of these goods.

A further drive up north you’ll find the craftsman’s dominion of in Tegallalang's Pakudui Village. A right turn up from the famed rice paddy leads to the village with its Garuda carvings and various wooden animal sculptures.

Once again, bargain wherever possible while you're visiting the Tegallalang handicraft centre. Sometimes, price tags don’t always mean fixed prices!

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Location: Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, North of Ubud How to get there: Continue up north from the intersection at the eastern end of the Jalan Raya Ubud main road

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